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Welcome to Flexstone’s technical resource hub for engineers and architects. Navigate below for technical data sheets, MSDS sheets, CCMC testing results, product specifications and more. Flexstone is an elegant solution to a variety of common waterproofing problems.


Problem: Torched-down membranes on wood framed decks create fire-risks, increased insurance costs, and a surface that is not suited for pedestrian traffic without the addition of expensive deck boards or costly and heavy pavers.

Solution: Flexstone is a fully CCMC approved flat-roof membrane that offers a variety of attractive and affordable finish options that are formulated to easily withstand the elements and pedestrian / vehicular traffic.

Problem: Waterproofing slabs over living space requires an initial pour, a torch-down membrane, and yet another pour. This ends up being an expensive and incredibly heavy means of waterproofing a concrete slab with no way of repairing the membrane as time goes on.

Solution: Flexstone is designed to be installed directly atop of concrete slabs and is formulated to withstand pedestrian or vehicular traffic which eliminates the need for a torch-down membrane and a second slab-pour. Flexstone is also very easy to repair, which will help extend the life or the slab without removing concrete to address leakage.

Problem: Roof-top decks require systems with unsightly seams that are prone to failure and difficult to repair.

Solution: Flexstone’s one-of-a-kind thick waterproof membrane is flexible, rugged, attractive and approved as a flat roof membrane. It is an elegant all-in-one solution for waterproofing and beautifying a functional roof-deck space.

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